This 6-month Peace Campaign by the Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network (CYPAN) aims at intensifying coordinated youth efforts in the area of peace and preventing violent extremism across the Commonwealth. The CYPAN brings together youth from across the Commonwealth committed to promoting Peace, Respect and Understanding and Preventing Violent Extremism. We aim to work as partners in development to increase the levels of respect and understanding across peoples in various situations, cultures and contexts with the aim of moving away from conflict and violence and towards sustainable peace.

CYPAN hopes to achieve the following objectives through this 6-month long campaign:

1. Coordinate efforts of youth leaders in the Commonwealth to raise awareness of the United Nations Security Council Resolution on Youth, Peace and Security (UNSCR 2250)1 and its relevance in promoting sustainable peace across the Commonwealth

2. Engage Commonwealth citizens including youth, policy makers, government officials and other development stakeholders in the advocacy to promote youth participation in peace building and the fight against violence and violent extremism

3. Create real and digital spaces for young people across the Commonwealth to engage in positive practices, share ideas and resource to promote sustainable world peace

4. Motivate young people into designing and implementing their own action for peace using their own creativity and resources.

Join us to celebrate the International Day of Peace 2016 in your own little way. The CAMPAIGN GUIDE will help you on how to work with us to celebrate this day.

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