For Individuals:

Opportunities exist for individuals to join the CYPAN as members of their in-country teams. Here you are able to support and create your own campaigns. Individuals who wish to join the network can directly e-mail the Regional Coordinators with their Latest CV and letter of Motivation describing how they will be able to contribute and why they wish to join the network. Access to their details are here. Once confirmed and you agree to the terms and conditions of your service, you will be able to fill your profile as a Peace Ambassador and start working.

For Organisations:

Organisations are able to register as members of CYPAN. You are able to fill your profile here.

For Regional and International Organisations and Partnerships

For Partnerships with CYPAN and the Commonwealth in the area of peacebuilding and countering violent extremism, kindly email and to further discuss

CYPAN is not able to give members financial support and is not a funding agency.  All positions are voluntary. Also, being a member of CYPAN does not make you an official representative of the Commonwealth. You are, however, expected to uphold the values of the Commonwealth in your work. Please take this into consideration before applying for membership.

Members are encouraged to play active roles in the network. Active involvement includes:

  • Submitting the Annual Impact Review on time (for organisations), and submitting regular campaign reports (for individuals)
  • Being a partner co-organizing CYPAN events and projects (fundraising, project planning, campaigns and representing at key events).
  • Contributing to CYPAN, website and social media (Writing articles, blog contribution, Submitting resources for the website, Sending in country profiles/reports or organisational reports)
  • Work in collaboration with various levels of the network structure to achieve the vision.
  • Remaining active and being proactive as it relates to peace campaigning and dialogue in your countries and at various CYPAN events
  • Attending training events organised by CYPAN (online or face to face)