Get Involved!

There are many ways to become involved as a Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassador. We all have a role to play in restoring and maintaining peace in our communities and the world.

Contribute: This website is a collaborative space that is most useful if we all contribute. Use the form on the contribute page if you have:

  • completed activities or initiatives in the area of peace, violence, extremism or cultural understanding and would like to share the resources you created;
  • know of research, policy or a resource that would be useful for colleagues
  • have a poster or proposal that is useful for others to replicate
  • have details or a report on a campaign or initiative that you completed


Join the Network: The network is completely led and managed by young people. You can join if you would like to be a peaceful force in the world and want to learn from other young people in other parts of the world in creative campaigns and initiatives. As a member, you are able to engage voluntarily with your other peers to implement action on the ground and online. You may receive opportunities to meet with each other and brainstorm and interact. Only in rare occasions if funding is provided to the network would projects be funded so we all need to get creative and resources and utilise the networks that we are a part of. The Commonwealth supports this network but are not donors to the network. If you are interested in joining the network kindly contact the regional coordinators for your region for more information. (;;;

Start Your Own Campaign: This network needs self-starters! If you are interested in joining a current campaign we have contact your regional coordinator. If you are interested in starting your own campaign please inform us and share your event here for wider coverage. We appreciate advocacy and campaigns which are longer term and not one-off, that focus on raising awareness of key issues, raising awareness on key policies such as UNSCR 2250, and also that promote dialogue respect and understanding across peoples.

Upcoming Activities: Do you have an activity near you? Share it here for others to get involved to amplify the power and strength of your campaign. You are able to share the event pages as well as upload a review of the activity and reports.